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Spelling Word Crossword Puzzle

a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used for drying oneself or wiping things dry.
leading to failure or disaster.
concerned with the supply of goods to stores and other businesses that sell to consumers.
A bee is one of these.
A, E, I, O, U
a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and elaborate one.
make longer or wider.
a part of a large church or cathedral with its own altar and dedication.
a group of binary digits or bits (usually eight) operated on as a unit.
a person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
an underground passage dug by a burrowing animal.
in opposition to.
consistent with another.
relating to or expressed as a number or numbers.
a screen that displays an image generated by a computer.
the action or process of distributing things or people over a wide area.
a person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale.
a soft and delicate shade of a color.
having a rounded and slightly elongated outline or shape, like that of an egg.
a form of decoration consisting of thin strips of shiny metal foil.
a panel of keys that operate a computer or typewriter.