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Reading and Writing Vocabulary

A part out of a play or moive
An area that sets it up all the way around
A poem that has seven syllables five syllables and seven syllablles
Something meant to inform you about something
To bend a certain way and not be hurt
Something that has to have one side to it
Something that is not important based on a certain fact
An animal that is hunted
To make something usually out of yarn
Usually in 1st person meant to tell you something
To make it to the top
Extremely happy
Something that you start a letter with
A bird that follows people around
Something given to people who work long shifts
Not kept clean
Something that you eat
Something not important
Not complete
Something you own
Something that is not well kept
Something that doesn't belong there
Someone that was fighting during a period of time for their kingdom to win the heart of someone
The bottom of a fraction
A paragraph in a poem