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The Constitution

Word for a two-house government
Branch of gov that makes law
Amendment that protects our right to bear arms
Powers that the Constitution specifically gives to the federal government
House of _____, one branch of the legislative branch
Branch of gov that applies and interprets the law
Executive's power to refuse a law
____ of powers -- dividing the jobs of government into 3 branches
Branch of gov that enforces the law
Checks and ____
Head of the executive branch
Powers shared by both the federal and state governments
______ of powers -- sharing powers between national and state governments
Principle that states that the Constitution is the highest law of our country
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
System where power is shared between a national government and state or local ones
"_____ and proper" -- idea behind the idea of a living constitution
Legislative house where each state has equal representation
Amendment that protects our freedoms of speech and religion
Chief executive of a state
Collection of all of the heads of the executive agencies (they advise the President)
Political powers that only the states have