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Legal Principles in Nursing

Teacher: Mrs. D.
Physical exam after death
Law based on judicial decisions or case law precedent.
Requires the State board to conduct a disciplinary hearing to hear evidence and allow the nurse to offer a defense with or without the assistance of legal counsel.
Intentional offensive touching without consent or lawful justification.
Intentional threat toward another person that places that person in reasonable fear of harmful, imminent, or unwelcome contact.
Statute that determines the scope of nursing practice for the State.
Failure to sue the degree of care that another person would use under the same or similar circumstances.
Patient's agreement to allow something based on full disclosure of the risks, benefits, alternatives, and consequences of refusal.
Living will.
Serious offense that results in significant harm to another person or society in general.
Also called incident report
Preventable errors.
Individual able to give consent for health care treatment when the patient is no longer able.
Conduct that falls below the generally accepted standard of care that a reasonable person would use under the same or similar circumstances.
Civil wrongful acts or omissions that are compensated by awarding monetary damages to the individual whose rights were violated.
Federal or state statutory laws that define as a crime certain actions that inflict or threaten substantial harm to individuals or the public interest without justification.
Accused of committing the crime
Documents that give instruction on consent for care for terminally ill patients.