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Reading Vocabulary 309

A stiff board or material that is used to help a broken bone to heal properly
An instrument that measures things such as gasoline or air pressure
A small government ship
Heavily soaked with water
Not evenly shaped
Against the law
Hollow, waxy spaces in a honeycomb that bees make to store honey and eggs
Thick, warm blankets
The black film that comes from fire
The state of being the owner
Something that holds something else up
Thin, flat, slats that are used to cover a roof
A boat that takes people and vehicles across the water
The rise and fall of the ocean
To think about carefully
Easy to break, chew
Scarves that are worn around the neck
Left alone or empty
A salve to heal a sore or wound
Quickly forming an opinion without knowing all the facts
An train engine that pulls cars
Quick to find fault with others or things
Trying to find out something that is not your business