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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Lesson 23 Spelling Words

I _________ asked the new student if they wanted to play with me.
That hammer was very ______ for pounding in that nail.
I really want that bike, but it's ________ thinking.
You are a __________ class and I love being your teacher!
I had a ________ of food and couldn't talk.
My mom __________ came to a stop at the stop sign.
You scared me so bad I ________.
The sick rabbit _________ tried to hop away but couldn't.
My stomach ache was very ________.
Because she was sick, she ________ could not go.
I was just _________ that same thing the other day.
You need to come ________ because Joey is hurt!
She was very _________ to her teacher.
At Thanksgiving we had to tell what we were ________ for.
He was _____________ that he would win the lottery.
They had crossing guards by each corner so the students could _____ cross the stree.