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Easter Puzzle

The name of this Christian Holiday.
This man denied Jesus 3 times.
This part of us goes to Heaven after our death.
This woman was at the tomb.
Another name for Jesus.
Another name for the Last Supper
This is the name of the Governor who sentenced Jesus to Death.
This is what the people said to Jesus along the Palm Sunday Parade.
We hide these as symbols of new life for children to find
This was the name of the prison who was released
Along the road to this place, Jesus met two men who didn't know who he was after his death.
Where Jesus was laid after his death.
What we call Jesus' rising from the dead.
Jesus died on this.
This meat was served at the Passover meal.
Jesus is remembered as this and we are the branches.
On the cross, Jesus said, "It is ________."
This man betrayed Jesus.
Jesus did NOT ride in this to Jerusalem. (two words)