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Biology Test 10

Insect's exoskeleton is made of ____
Hagfish & ____ bare cartilaginous fish that lack jaws
Baby fish
Appendage spider used to crush food
Scale-winged: butterflies, moths
W-shaped bands that make up fish muscles
Wings and legs of insect are attached here
Toothed insects: dragonfly, damselfly
_____ and abdomen are separated by pedicel
Stage of complete metamorphosis btwn larva and adult
Wings protected by a sheath: beetles
Fish have ___-chambered heart
2 wings: pests
Half-winged: "true bugs"
Group consisting of spiders, daddy longlegs, scorpions, and ticks
Excretory organs of crayfish
Median fin on top of fish
Drones are ___ social insects
Fish that has injured the most humans
Jointed-feet invertebrates
Gastric mill is to a crustacean what the ____ is to a bird
Same winged: cicada
"manage" colony
Gill cover
Immature insect form
Part of gill that strains debris from water
Social insects
Purpose of queen
Only terrestrial crustacean
Egg --> nymph --> adult
Used to extract oxygen from the water in fish and aquatic crustaceans
Straight-winged: locust, cockroach
Contains vital organs on insect
Have 1 pair of legs per body segment
Process of fish laying eggs
Fertilized fish eggs
Milt is a fluid containing ____
Fin that serves as propeller and rudder of fish
An insect with piercing-sucking mouthparts and a half-wing design