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Renaissance, Baroque, & Rococo

Created by the pediment in Leonardo's "The Last Supper"
First artist to use linear perspective
Shows the influence of Greek sculpture on Michelangelo's "David"
Pope commissioning Raphael's "Paul Preaching at Athens"
New philosophical, literary, and artistic movement supporting the secular dimensions of life
Suited to the extravagant and often frivolous life of the French court and aristocracy
Used by Caravaggio in the "Conversion of Saint Paul"
Wealthy merchant class who supported the artists in the 17th century Netherlands
High Renaissance city
Painting of an arrangement on a table top
Twisting shapes and action like the Greek Hellenestic work
Early Renaissance artist
Architect making a deliberate effort to rethink and extend the classical rules
Baroque characterists were used as __________ for the Counter-Reformation
Influenced Renaissance artists to highlight nude classical goddess
Baroque shows great _________ and feeling
Type of discussion in Raphael's "School of Athens" which shows elevated human reasoning
Pope Leo X excommunicated him starting the Protestant Reformation
First to use oil paint
High Renaissance artist
First artist to create a freestanding nude statue since the ancient Roman times
Influenced Gentileschi in her painting "Judith and the Head of Holofernes"
Green gown symbolizes in "The Arnolfini Portrait"
Paintings of everyday life