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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Igneous Rocks

Teacher: Mrs. Cremins
The igneous rocks that cool quickly above Earth's surface are ________________ rocks.
This huge structure was built with blocks of granite over 2,000 years ago. _____________________________________________
This common rock is made up of several minerals and a variety of colors. It is _________________.
This type of rock is formed from melted rock. It is "fire- made." It is ___________.
This light rocks is also known as "lava rock" and is often used to clean off dirt. It is ________________.
This word describes the qualities of the various rocks. (hard, soft, crumbles, strong,....) It is the rock's ____________________.
These igneous rocks cool and harden very slowly below the Earth's surface. They are _________________.
A very hot layer of melted rock below the Earth's crust is called _____________.
Magma that may reach the Earth's surface due to an explosion or from slowly oozing out of cracks in the Earth's crust is called ___________.
This extrusive rock forms quickly. It looks like shiny black glass. Ben Carson's knowledge of this rock drew the attention of his science teacher and got him started on the right path in school.