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Science Vocab Review

an animal that eats only other animals
matter with a fixed volume and shape
that is not salty, such as that found in streams and lakes
an animal that consumes only plants
the process in which plants and some other organisms use the energy in sunlight to make food
a pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical reactions
A group of stars that form an obvious pattern
a substance in which all of the parts are the same throughout
the amount of matter in an object
an organism that makes its own food; an organism that does not consume other plants or animals
the smallest unit of an element that has the properties of that element
an imaginary line that an object spins or revolves around
to move around another object along a circular path, as in an orbit
The only star in our solar system
the amount of space an object or substance takes up
organisms which carry out the process of decomposition by breaking down dead or decaying organisms
an animal that eats plants as well as other animals
a substance in which the parts are clearly different shapes and colors; different throughout
an organism that eats other living things to get energy; an organism that does not produce its own food
a combination of substances that can be physically separated from one another
a state of matter with a defined volume but no defined shape
a massive ball of gas in outer space that gives off heat, light and other forms of radiation
a state of matter without any defined volume or shape
material that has mass and takes up some amount of space
turning around on an axis