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Vocabulary Review Unit 1

Kino showed much _______ in holding on to the pearl. (chapter 2)
Steinbeck tries to ________ a feeling of suspense in chapter 6. (chapter 3)
Pedro was __________ about holding on to the pearl. (chapter 1)
One might say that Coyotito was the ______ of innocence. (chapter 1)
If you are spellbound by reading this novel, one might say you are deeply _______. (chapter3)
The doctor was a __________ character in The Pearl. (chapter 1)
People have different opinions about the novel which, of course, are ___________. (chapter 4)
There was a great deal of __________ between the pure Spaniards and the Mexican townspeople. (chapter 4)
The pearl buyers tried to ________ Kino. (chapter 3)
Whether to go with Kino to sell the pearl was somewhat of a _________ for Juana (chapter 2)
The doctor would often _________ the people of the town who he looked down on. (chapter 1)
It was difficult for Juana and Juan Tomas to _________ Kino. (chapter 5)
Kino often acted in an _________ way when dealing with Juana's opinions about the pearl. (chapter 5)
Going to the doctor was a _________ event after the scorpion bite. (chapter 2)