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Happy Easter

Seattle's Space ______
A Baby seal
The 50th state to join the U.S.
What you tie in a rope
The site of Glacier National Park
Black and white bird
Where you can find Orange, Pasco, Osceola and Lee counties
Lima, kidney, navy, black, red
The Middle Family kids, in alphabetical order
Material from trees
Italian composer, Rachel’s favorite
Part keyboard, part recorder
Group (of wolves)
Girls just wanna have ___
Parents, grandparents, cousins, et. al.
Our neighbor to the north
Home of the Grand Canyon
Animals that have fur and feed their babies milk
Twelve months
Dedicated her life to working with the poor in India
Snack food invented by monks
Heidi and Evan
The greatest artist ever (and he loves squirrels)
The day of Christ's Resurrection
French impressionist painter
Land of St. Patrick
First U.S. secretary of the treasury
The city that never sleeps
Megan’s favorite art instrument
Cute riverbank animal
Bikini, one piece or trunks
Take a holiday
Penny, dime, nickel, quarter
Fun recess game: “The Floor is ____”
Sleeping Beauty's real name