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Modern Georgia and Civil Rights

Author: Jissela Delgado
He was a civil rights leader, and became member of the city's board of education and president of Morehouse college.
The only Georgian who has served as president of our country.
A seven year old African American girl attempted to enroll in a white school in Topeka, Kansas.
In 1948 he earned a doctorate from Boston University.
Public hearings to see how people in Georgia felt about integration.
It was created to desegregate and get African Americans to vote.
It means to redraw voting districts to ensure that the districts were equal population sizes.
It occurred on August 28, 1963 and was a political rally with the theme "Jobs, Justice, and peace."
Students who fought for rights using non- violent protest that were lead by John Lewis
He was governor in 1967 and was a segregationist.