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5th Grade Vocabulary

Of few and scattered elements
Lacking in strength
A formal dinner to honor someone
Marked by good manners
Partly hidden or darkened by
Something desirable but hard to get
To bring into danger or peril
To fill with puzzled wonder
Received by sight
Nearly correct or exact
To make up for
Pity caused by the suffering or misfortune of another
To have a strong desire for
Being beyond the ordinary size
One who legally has the care of a person
Not positive or helpful
Completely unreasonable or untrue
To place infront
To tell
To order to stop; to object to as bad or incorrect
To say with authority or power
An area in which few people live that is not used for farming
Judgment of right or wrong
To keep in possession or use
To defeat; to throw over
Smaller than the usual size
A long heavy snowstorm
To give fresh confidence to
Smooth or soothing in manner
The authority or rule of a monarch