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Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Teacher: Robert M. Richardson - Law Education
This results when an individual is labeled as a deviant and accepts the label as true.
Noncoformity that goes undetected by those in authority because the deviant act occurs occasionally and is undetected.
Explains deviance as a natural occurrence. This theory attempts to explain why people conform to societal norms.
Theory that explains deviance is a learned behavior in much the same way as nondeviant behavior--through interaction with others.
This concept is at the heart of cultural transmission theory. This concept refers to the frequency and closeness of associations a person has with deviant and nondeviant individuals.
The situation that arises when the norms of society are unclear or are no longer applicable.
The sanctions--such as imprisonment, parole, and probation--used to punish criminals.
A large-scale organization of professional criminals that controls some vice or business through violence or the threat of violence.
The power to decide who should be arrested.
The police, courts, and penal institutions.
Process of legal negotiation that allows an accused person to plead guilty to a lesser charge in return for a lighter sentence.
A public setting involving an individual being denounced, found guilty, and given the new identity as deviant.
Mark of social disgrace that sets the deviant apart from the rest of society.
Any act that is labeled as such by those in authority, is prohibited by law, and is punishable by the government.
Social scientists who study criminal behavior.
Describes offenses committed by individuals of high social status in the course of their professional lives.
Views deviance as the natural outgrowth of the values, norms, and structure of society.
The term for repeated criminal behavior.
Behavior that violates significant social norms.