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Abraham Journey Crossword

By: Isabella Gonzalez
What was the name of Abrahams first son?
What was the name of Abraham and Sarah's child together?
Cutting the covenant is a (Blank) oath
Cutting the (blank) ceremony
God told Abraham he will make a Great (blank)
In cutting the covenant what is split into two?
The ram became the (blank) in the story of Isaac and Abraham
What is the sign of the covenant?
Where did God say he would give Abram all of the land to his offspring
Did Abram and Sarai die once they were caught lying to the Pharaoh at the beginning of Abraham's journey?
How did God save Abram and Sarai when they were in Egypt? (by sending BLANK to Pharaoh)
How did YHWH provide for Abraham at Mt. Moriah? By providing a (blank)
Who did Abraham almost sacrifice on Mt. Moriah?
Eventually God did trust God to bring him and Sarai a (blank)
Who was Isaac's wife?
Did Abraham trust God the first time to provide a child with Sarai?
Why did Abram go to Egypt at the beginning of his journey
Abram left with everything, Lot and Sarai too because God (blank) upon him
Who is the son of the covenant?
From the line of Shem
Why does God test us? To (blank) us
Abram told to Sarai to tell the Egyptians that they were (blank) so he would not die
How did Abram respond to God's call? (by blank)
What did Abram have to do to get all of the things God promised him?
Abram lied to God because he feared of his own (blank)