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U.S. Constitution Review #1

Amendment that gives us the right to remain silent
Branch of government that enforces laws
Elected representatives make decisions in government
Washington's Secretary of Treasury
Under the Articles of Confederation, who had the most power?
Amendment that guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition
Government gets its power from the people
Amendment that prevents excessive bail and 'cruel and unusual" punishment
Who Supported State’s Rights?
Wanted a Bill of Rights added to the US Constitution
First written constitution of the US
Who wanted a National Bank?
Amendment that guarantees those accused of a crime a fair, speedy public trial
Shows the Articles are weak and states are not working together (event in MA)
Written to support ratification of US Constitution
Branch of government that reviews laws
Branch of government that makes laws
Who believed in “strict” interpretation of the Constitution?
What is significant about 1787?
Small state plan proposing 1 house congress with all states being equal
What process allows changes and additions to the text of the Constitution
Amendment that prevents "unreasonable searches and seizures
Father of the Constitution
Sharing of power between national and state governments
Amendment that Freed the slaves
Large state plan proposing 2 house congress based on state populations