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Sociology Terms

Refers to the way people form social bonds, relate to each other and get along(2words)
Is something exists in society it must have a purpose
A particular point of view
Particular point of view of social structure(2words)
Don't accept the goals of the society or the means of achieving those goals
A proposition that contains statements that are contradicting but reveal a deeper truth
The ability to see the connection between the larger world and ones personal life (2words)
Aren't interested in goals of society but they do accept the means of achieving those goals
Give up life for fellow mates or team
Do not accept the goals of society or the means of achieving them, so they create their own goals using new meaning
The study of human society
Act of abiding by social norms or simply following group life(2words)
Deviance occurs when a society does not give all members equal ability to achieve goals(2words)
Set of mechanisms that create normative compliance in individuals(2words)
Accept the goal of society and means of achieving those goals
Accept the goals of society but look for new or innovative ways of achieving those goals