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Dog Breeds

This breed comes from Mexico
Comes from the Swiss Alps
Has a great sense of smell and must be kept fenced
Comes from Siberia and is best in the cold
Huge and has lots of hair
Comes from Ireland and has long hair over its eyes
Considered the boy scout of dog breeds
Comes from France and has short legs with a great nose
Comes from New Finland and has a water proof coat
Rounded long eared breed
Looks like a small Greyhound
Great guard dog
Giant dog that has a short life span
Scotland Breed
Native to Cuba
Originates from Germany and loves to dig
Comes from Africa and is fearless
This breed comes from the mediterranean
Very intelligent with blue puppy eyes that turn yellow when it gets older
This was the breed in the movie Hachi
Red dog with long hair
Comes from China and has lots of wrinkles
Flat faced with bulging eyes
Has the longest tongue and lost of energy