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Science Lesson 1 Review

A development of characteristics over time
Invertebrate animals whose bodies are usually enclosed on hard shells
Microscopic living creatures
A substance that kills or prevents growth of germs
The number of deaths that occur in a group compared to the total number in the same group
Modern humans
Brightest star in night sky
Lived together or nearby one another
Someone who studies the rings of trees
The study of human life and cultures past, present, and future
A guess made on the basis of little evidence
Study of human life and cultures of the past
In infection in the blood caused by high levels of bacteria
Abnormally small head and brain
Mixture of two or more subtances
Study of lines, angles, and shapes
Plant or animal that is not native to an area
Speed or the distance traveled in a set amount of time
Instrument used to create a spectrum of electromagnetic waves
Drills a hole, so solid material can be extracted
A mixture of ice, water, and salt, used to cool a substance below freezing point
Parts of something and how its assembeld
Rid or made free of living microorganisms
Movement of an object as seen from two points
No longer living or existing
The humans and primates belong to this biological family