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The Civil War Era

Teacher: Ms. Davis
2-day battle in which 20,000 Confederates faced 70,000 Union trying to defend Macon & Western rail line
Popular poet volunteered in Union hospitals
Lee surrendered to Grant
General who later became president
First shots fired here
Formation of seven slave states
Confederate troops tried prevent Union troops from advancing toward Atlanta
Union strategy to prevent supplies from getting in or out
General who earned his nickname as his brigade resisted Union attacks
Union Army of Potomac suffered costly defeat
Destination of March to the Sea
First major battle; fought 25 miles SW of Washington
POW camp in Georgia
Proclamation issued by Lincoln which freed slaves
Battle in which Union severed Confederate supply line
Lee's horse
Hasn't made a black suit since Lincoln's assasination
First major battle in Georgia
Bloodiest battle
Assigned task of taking Atlanta
Union defeated Confederates; Jackson mortally wounded.
Lee defeated; all battles then fought on Southern soil
American President
Union officer who uttered famous phrase "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
Cannons, rifles, pistols, grenedes
Confederates surprised Grant's unprepared troops
Confederate President
Commander of Confederate Army