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Ancient Greek Civilization

Teacher: Lacy
Were stories about greek gods
They hid here and attacked the Persians by boat
They blocked this narrow mountain pass off
18 foot log pikes given by King Phillip
Was developed because of the rivalry between Athens and Sparta
Most powerful city-state after the Persian War
Leader responsible for uniting Geece
Finest example of classical Greek architecture
Ended sadly and usually about the downfall of a hero, usually violently
Was involved in the Tales of Miletous, name starts with an "A"
Was involved in the Tales of Miletous, name starts with a "D"
Alexander expanded his empire this far
Believed that the gods did not control everything, they looked for natural reasons for everything, they used the scientific method, they used hypothesis, and made observations to explain what was happening
Ended happily and usually made observations about culture, society, and politics