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Baseball Saved Us

forced removal
an offensive against an enemy
a difference of opinion
to make too low an approximation of
similar to that of a “concentration camp” by which Japanese-Americans were sent to fearing their loyalty to Japan
came to the realization; understanding an idea or concept
to send water, or liquids, to one place
Nearly hopeless
cause extensive destruction
someone opposed to violence as a means to settling disputes
a big wooden box
a discussion intended to produce an agreement
a harbor on the island of Oahu just west of Honolulu, Hawaii; attacked by the Japanese that led to the involvement of the U.S. in WWII and the creation of Japanese internment camps
blemished by injury or rough water
shining; bright
a state of extreme dishonor
turn away from by persuasion
playing or joking
something you sit on in a gym or stadium or at a sports game
a bird that lays eggs; or someone who is afraid
to say something quietly and not clearly
good job!
a really tall building
to take hold of
a written agreement between two states or sovereigns