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was the first country in Latin or South America to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2010.
____ is divided into 23 states.
The national bird is known as the torogoz (turquoise-browed motmot). Consider yourself lucky if you spot one (they are gorgeous!)
The dolphins in the Amazon in ___ are pink.
Before independence, the country was known as Santo Domingo.
Gold cordoba is the official currency of ___
The golden rule: If you hear music, start moving.
Hosts a famous canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
____ in the Spanish word means ‘depths’.
The national anthem of _____ has no words.
One of the "guay"s
Only nation in Africa with Spanish as the official language
Sounds like "guacamole" if you mumble it
Machu Picchu
The other "guay"
A U.S. territory
_____ national symbol is the clay-colored robin known as the yigüirro.
The cinchona tree is ___ national tree. This tree produces Quinine, which was the first drug ever used to treat and prevent malaria.
___ national flag is similar to the state flag of Texas.
The Bolero, Mambo and Cha Cha was invented in the country.
Our neighbor directly at our southern border