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Energy Vocabulary

Transfer of heat by movement of heated fluid - air or water
Electricity from moving water turning a turbine
Energy source that is used up faster than it can be replaced, ex: fossil fuels
Heat energy, movement of atoms and molecules
Stored energy
Energy from light
Energy from the sun
Energy from movement and/or sound, a combo of PE and KE
Energy contained within nucleus of an atom; fission/fusion
The ability to do work or to cause a change
Transfer of heat from one source of matter to another
Energy source that is replenished continually
When energy is changed from one form to another form
Heat produced from the earth
Cleanest fossil fuel
Energy of motion
Energy from moving electrons
Energy from moving air that turns a turbine
Energy from breaking bonds between atoms, ex: batteries
Energy that travels in rays from the source, light energy
Plant material and animal waste used as fuel
Energy from burning rock