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The God-Shaped Heart Crossword Puzzle

______ power does not achieve transformed people who are reliable and trustworthy.
The issue of human sexuality isn't as neatly black and _______ as some individuals would like it to be.
The most distressing problem in Christianity is distorted ideas about ______.
Jesus is the ______ who gives ______ to all people, meaning he is willing to lead us to maturity and help us see reality as it is.
The law of love is not a _______; it is a design protocol built into the fabric of reality.
The plan of _________ is about healing the heart, renewing the character, and restoring God's perfection into the inmost being.
The ________ represents one's core self, the inmost secret self, the place where one's true desires, affections, longings, beliefs, and identity reside.
Transformation by God through the Holy Spirit.
It is ______ and ______ only that unites, that overcomes rules, that transcends arbitrary laws, and that supersedes doctrinal differences.
God is _________, and his laws rule supreme over all creation.
Everything that deviates from God's original design is a result of this.
What/who is the bride of Christ?
God's law of love has been replaced with a fallen human-law construct and God has been falsely presented as a punishing _________.
When God has his way in us it will be as easy to love others as it is to __________!
God is our loving _______.
Real _________ is not merely turning away from a behavior but also turning away from selfishness in the heart and living a life of love.
A god who requires sacrifice to appease him.