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Vocab: Back to First Grade Unit Test

Make a low rumbling sound; complain; past tense of grumble
To be an advisor and to help train, teach, or guide
Feeling discontent because someone has something you want; jealousy
Headstrong; willful; difficult to change one's attitude
To be sorry about; remorseful
Gave in; change one's mind; past tense of relent
What people think of another; an opinion about someone
Giggle; a smothered laugh; past tense of snicker
A movement of the part of the body: Ex: thumbs-up gesture
delight and great pleasure for one's own success or another's misfortune
Lack of knowledge and intelligence
To want what another has; showing envy
Upset and annoyed especially because of the inability to achieve something
Asked for something,;past tense of seek
To be viewed as; considered as