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Civil War

The idea that states should have more power than the federal government when making decisions.
This law required that northern states forcibly return escaped slaves to their owners.
White abolitionist who attempted to raid Harpers Ferry in 1859 to arm the slaves and help them revolt.
Supreme court case that declared slaves to be property and not citizens.
36.30 line that was used to determine free and slave states for future western territories. All states above the line would be free states and all states below the line would be slave states.
Harriet Tubman created this series of escape routes and hiding places to bring slaves out of the south.
To leave or withdraw
Someone who joined the movement to abolish slavery.
To set free
Loyalty to your region. (N, S, W)
Former slave and abolitionist who delivered speeches all over the north and edited the "North Star".
Abolitionist who edited his own newspaper called the "The Liberator".
The right of people to make political decisions for themselves by voting.
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1853 that highly influenced people's view of the Deep South and slavery. Often banned in the south and intensified the sectional conflict.
A tax on imported goods