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7th Grade Science

      Seventh Grade Science Crossword
An organism that can make its own food
Trees that have evergreen, needlelike leaves
A pioneer species
An inherited trait that improves an individual's ability to survive
Large geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems
The ability of an ecosystem to meet human needs
An organism that eats other organisms
Starts with a layer of soil in place
The number and variety of organisms in a given area
A biome with low average temperatures, little rain, dark winters, and a thick layer of ice below the surface soil
The place in which an animal lives
Low average temperatures; more rain than tundra;thin,acidic,and nutrient poor soil
The replacement of one type of community by another
The process in which organic matter and nutrients slowly build up in a lake or pond
My favorite class
The first specie to in an uninhabited area
Starts with barren land; lichens and moss
A well adapted ,mature community with dominant species
A huge fast moving wave
Species that are all in the same place at the same time
Broadleaf trees that drop leaves as winter approaches
An event that changes an ecosystem
A community of organisms at a major regional level