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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was given the job of Master of ______________.
He developed new laws of mechanics, gravity, and laws of ___________.
Very high levels of _________________ in his bloodstream could have caused an early death.
Isaac went to what college to study math, science and physics?
"Principia Mathematica" laid the framework for the Scientific Revolution of the ________ Century.
Isaac explained planetary_______________.
One story says that Isaac Newton was hit on the head by an _____________, which taught him about gravity.
Isaac spent more time investigating __________________ issues.
He generalized binomial _______________s.
Isaac discovered a new _______________ for pi.
Isaac was born on ______________ Day, 1643.
At the time, the prevailing education was based on who?
__________ was being developed by Leibniz.
Isaac helped move England from the silver money standard to the ____________ standard.
Isaac's mother withdrew him from _________ to work as a farmer.