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Air Quality & Matter - Science 8th Grade

The temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas
A word used to describe an observation that can be seen by the unaided eye
No defined shape or volume; particles are far apart and move rapidly and randomly
The state of matter that forms from gasses at a very high temperature
A combination of 2 or more atoms
A measure of the avg. speed of the particles of matter
The simplest type of substance made up of identical atoms
A measure of how much space some thing takes up
Containing substances that can cause harm to people, plants, animals, and structures; unclean or impure
The energy of motion of the particles of matter in a substance
The basic building block of matter
The temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid
The introduction of chemicals, particles, or organisms to air that are harmful to living things and structures
Has defined volume but not defined shape; particles remain close together and slide past each other in a fluid motion
The process in which a gas cools to form a liquid
Definite shape and volume; particles that remain very close and vibrate slowly
The amount of "stuff" something contains
An instrument used by scientists to measure mass
Atoms and molecules that make up a substance
A change from a liquid to a gas at a temperature that is lower than the boiling point
Anything that has volume (takes up space) and mass
The process in which a liquid cools to form a soild
The temperature at which a liquid changes into a soild
Things you cannot see with your unaided eye
A substance that can make air, soil or water harmful to organisms or sturctures
The process of a substance changing directly from a solid to a gas
The condition of air in terms of the amount of pollutants it contains
The transfer of thermal energy from a warmer substance to a cooler one
Form, type or kind