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Energy and Water Cycle Crossword Puzzle (Earth Science 3rd Quarterly Project)

As____ increases, permeability increases
Good_____are also good absorbers of light
Transfer of energy through waves(no medium)
Is greatest in hot,dry,and windy climate
Occurs when the land is impermeable,saturated,steep slope, and not frozen
When water vapor turns into liquid water
Reflect light
Water can____and____when it lands on soil
Transfer of energy through liquids and gases
The difference between electromagnetic energy
The upward movement of water into small spaces
When water vapor enters the atmosphere through plants
The boundary that seperates the two zones
Absorb light
Percent of empty space in soil; doesn't depend on particle size
Has low specific heat/cools down and heats up quickly
How fast water flows through soil
Occurs when the land is permeable,unsaturated,low slope, and not frozen
_____ moves the source to the sink
Transfer of energy through solids
Water between soil
Resistance to heating
Air between soil
Has high specific heat/cools down and heats up slowly
As particle size increases, capillarity _____