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Civil War Crossword

Were mothers unhappy because of the fathers leaving to go to war
Did music make commands
What did slaves sing
Did the slave owners like the singing
Were the other instruments louder than the drums
Were goober peas reliable
What were domestic life songs
What kind of music did slaves sing
Were all slaves singing
How did people react to the families leaving
What month was the civil war
What was a very famous song
Were the drummers brave
Did music signal when to fall back
What was the confederate anthem
What age were the drummer boys
What were goober peas
What was the confederate anthem
Did music pump the soldiers up
Did music command to attack
Were some Adults
Was a soldiers life easy
Did slave owners hate the slaves singing
Did singing help the work ethic
What month did the civil war end
Was life easy for the people when there loved ones left
What was the Civil war about
Why did they us drums
Were people sad during the war when the soldiers were gone
Were there other instruments