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Rhythm and Non-pitched Percussion Instruments

A non-pitched percussion instrument made of a wooden stick with a wooden block.
A quarter note gets 1 ___________.
A round non-pitched percussion instrument with jingles on the edges.
What involves time - the length or duration of sound?
You can stomp a rhythm with your _____________.
A non-pitched percussion instrument with 2 drums attached.
A half _________ gets 2 beats.
"rhythm" and "keeping the beat" are the same or different?
If a rhythm repeats itself, it is a _______________.
A non-pitched percussion instrument from West Africa that starts with "d".
Knowing how to keep the ______ is essential in the study of rhythm.
It is possible to play different rhythms together at the same time. True or false
A ___________ note gets 4 beats.
You can clap a rhythm with your ____________.