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Plant Expedition

Village Nurseries' Fun on the Bus' Contest
April 18, 2018
Plant group that attracts bees and hummingbirds
Powdery-mildew resistant Shrub Rose with Pure White Blooms
Positioning plants with similar water, sun, and soil needs together
Mahonia shrub without thorns
Using fire-resistant plants in landscape
Blue-green variety of Dianella from Sunset
Linear red bottlebrush for Screening
Genus of the Butterfly Bush
Popular green Lomandra
New variegated Lomandra
Amount of sunlight received in a landscape
Natural environment of an animal
Maroon Muhlenbergia with larger, more showy plumes
Large Neon Pink Bottlebrush shrub
Thick, fleshy plants that retain water
When a plant turns toward the light
Plant category of Heuchera
Nandina variety without any red shades
Dwarf Jacaranda variety name
Relatively cool compact Acacia
Plant process that converts light, water, CO2 into glucose and oxygen
Fragrant variegated Lavandula
Coprosma 'Pacific ________'
Disease-free landscape rose varieties
Artificial application of water to assist growth of plants
Shorter, more aromatic Bay Laurel with red stems
Genus of 'King's Celebration'
A colorful part of a flower
Cover on ground to prevent evaporation