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Holocaust Crossword

One who flees his or her country in search of safety during a war.
Discrimination against Jews.
A place where large number of people are deliberately imprisoned to provide forced labor or to await mass execution.
The discovery of the concentration camps by Allied forces.
A member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism.
A forced march of Nazi prisoners from one camp to another, which would often cause people to fall dead.
Furnaces constructed to burn human remains in the killing centers and concentration camps.
The deliberate annihilation of a racial, political,religious, or cultural group of people.
an ancient symbol in the form of an equal-armed cross with each arm continued at a right angle, used as the emblem of the German Nazi Party.
Intended to change the manner in which a person or a group of people are perceived.
Camps built to exploit the slave labor of prisoners.
A Nazi word for eliminating a ghetto and its inhabitants by having massive deportations.
The action of deporting a foreigner from a country
Belief in the superiority of one race over another.
The Nazi Secret State Police.
The largest Nazi Concentration camp, locates 37 miles west of Cracow, Poland.
Act of causing people of other ethnic or cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, religions,or political beliefs.
AKA "extermination camps" were concentration camps created for the sole purpose of killing people.
"Jewish quarters" in the poorest sections of the cities and towns they had conquered.
The abbreviation for Hitlers political party