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Welcome to the Renaissance

Another name for the middle ages
The main reason Italian city-states were so powerful
A mechanical device used to life heavy objects, like a Dome onto a building
A person who designs buildings
This man sculpted a statue titled "David" which is one of the most admired sculptures in the world
Who painted "Adoration of the Magi"
This man wrote the book "The Prince"
Wealthy families built fancy town-houses called what in Italian?
A form of government where people elect their leaders
The most important member of the Medici family
Not religious
Wrote the divine comedy
The Italian man that is credited as the founder of the Italian Renaissance
This city is often called the "Cradle of the Renaissance"
Thisrich lavish family dominated Florence
French for "Re-Birth"
Areas of study that focus on humans lives and their culture
A philosophy saying all humans have worth and potential
This sculpture was one of the first to use the new lifelike style
The great empire of the past
City-states were located in which country?