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Revolutionary war

Vocabulary words
In 1766 Parliament voted to —— the Hiden stamp act. The act was withdrawn
Colonist ——- to the stamp act of 1765, protesting that taxes were unfair.
More soldiers And guns were the British army’s ———, or superior qualities
Willful ———- patriots refuse to obey British laws. Troops were sent to enforce the laws.
In April 1775, who fired first at Lexington a ——— patriot or a loyal British soldier?
Sam Adams Argued that it would be a help, or ——— , to be independent
The declaration Of Independence sought to ———-, or for bid, political Tyranny.
In the Boston massacre of 1770, Five colonists died blank, or middle, of a riot.
Many men, ——— peaceful farmers, became patriot soldiers during the revolution.
For the Boston tea party, patriots wore ——- disguises then removed them.