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Holocaust Crossword

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To make abnormally lean or thin by a gradual wasting away of flesh.
Religion, and culture of the Jewish people based on the Old Testament passed down through mother's lineage.
Members of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers' party of Germany in 1933 under Adolf Hitler.
Large plain building where soldiers or prisoners sleep.
The act of resisting power or fighting against power. In WW2, the French Resistance was an underground secret group of people who were opposing the Nazis who had invaded their country.
Deliberate systematic destruction of an entire racial, political, cultural or religious group.
Hitlers ideal, superior race.
Opposition to and to discriminate Jews.
The act of getting rid of, especially by killing. During the Holocaust , the Nazis liquidated many groups of people.
Gratification gained through causing pain or degradation to others.
Lacking humanity, pity, kindness, compassion, mean or cruelty.
An often fatal infectious disease spread by fleas and lice. It is characterized by a rash, extreme weakness, and brain irritation.
Someone who is forced to move and is without a home or country.
An ancient symbol used by the Nazis as their emblem.
Lawfully removing a group of people.
When a person is treated very poorly like an animal, or piece of property, less than human.
Secret state of police of Nazi occupied Europe.
The act of setting something free.
An act of extreme cruelty and wickedness.
Section of o city, thickly populated slum are, inhabited predominantly by members of an ethnic or minority group which had restrictions, pressures, and hardships.