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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Words - 3/13/15

Teacher: Mr. Kettner
My family doesn't celebrate one __________.
A person who runs for or holds an office in government.
Courteous and kind.
I went to San Diego for my what?
One of the main subjects in math.
The time during which someone or something is suspended.
When you are driving down the road there might be a what?
I live in a what?
The act of trying to do better than others, especially to win a game or contest.
You are ________.
The act of stretching or the condition of being stretched.
A person who has a license to practice medicine.
I have a good _________.
Made by people rather than occurring in nature.
The process of shrinking or pulling back.
I will be _______ good.
In "Lord of the Rings" Golem keeps calling the ring his what?
What is the _______ of a car.
A part of a whole.
Try to find a _________ to the problem.
I built a what in mine craft?
There is a __________ activity.
Having to do with a position of authority.
A state of understanding or the ability to understand something.
Before I go to school I put on what?