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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Sixth Grade Religion Crossword

What houses the body and blood of Christ throughout.
Blessed are the _________, they shall be called sons of God.
The act of turning
The matter required for the priest to consecrate the body of Christ.
The virtue of being detached from material goods.
One of the four gospel authors.
The feast commemorating the liberation of the Israelites from slavery.
The matter required for the priest to consecrate the blood of Christ.
The vessel that holds the blood of Christ.
The miracle in which bread becomes the body of Christ.
The official summary of the Catholic Faith
At Sinai, God gave us the 10 Commandments. What were were given in the Sermon on the Mount?
Part of the Mass:The __________ of the Eucharist.
Duties we must fulfill towards others.
The phrase "I confess" in latin.
An ordained minister who is not able to celebrate mass, but often assists the priest at mass.
The immaterial part of of human being.
Three persons in one God.
This commandment tells us not to kill.
The sin of being overly attached to material goods.
The structure of Church authority.
The virtue whereby we preserve the purity of our love.
Spreading rumors about people that are unfounded or hurtful.
Acronym for the four ends of prayer.
Latin for the Soul of Christ
The habit of discerning what is good from what is evil.
The habit of moderation.
The lifting of the heart and mind to God.
The exterior vestment worn by the priest for Mass.
God's plan for each person.
The act of spreading lies that damage another's reputation.
The miracle that occurred on Easter.
The moment Christ rose into heaven.
Giving to others what is their due.
The moment the soul leaves the body.
What word describes the judgement we receive at the moment of death.
The entrance of the Church.
A good habit that protects our soul from harm.
To desire what someone else has.