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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Bible Easy for Kids

God is the ____ of all things.
God honors the person with this quality
God resists the person with this quality.
The place God has prepared for people.
God's Words to me.
Keeping your word.
Compassionate actions to those in need.
Jesus said, "You are the _____ of the world.
What evil causes in the world.
For God so loved the ________
International word meaning "so be it."
What God offers us through the blood of Jesus.
God hates this and wants us to hate it too.
Let your light ____ before men so they glorify God.
My savior and healer.
Hebrew word for "praise the Lord."
God hates it when we do talk negatively about others. This is ________
Believing God will do what He said.
Better than happiness because it comes from Jesus in us.
Ability to wait for God's timing when things don't go our way.
Knowing God works even difficult things for good when I trust Him produces this.
Controlling myself - 2 words
One who saves.
Choosing the right thing in God's eyes.
Jesus ______ me.
The place God prepared for the devil and those who obey him.