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Spelling List 28

A bother or aggravation
Shaped like a ball or globe
A privilege guaranteed by the Constitution
Being neat
A narrow bridge of land
To blend in with
A fake gem
To advise; advice
Purpose; plan
Source of power
To increase in size
Large, hairy animals that lived in the West
A white food
Helena is the capital of this state
Something that is not possible
Something you eat in a salad
To scold gently
A regularly occurring movement
A watcher, especially of sports
Group of words that contain a complete thought
A person who tends to see only the difficulties in life
Olympia is the capital of this state
Large gray mammal with one big tusk
Sound that bounces back
A dictionary in the back of a book
People who do something heroic
Two sounds that are alike
A person who sees the bright side
Voice box
On time