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Earth History

Use your brain and your science books (if you need 'em) to complete the crossword puzzle
This is used to date objects 50,000 years old or less
A layer of rock
The Law of ______ states if pieces of rock are inside another layer, those pieces are older
This would be used to figure out the absolute age of a dinosaur fossil
The Law of _______ states in any undisturbed sequence of strata, the oldest layers are at the bottom
When humans choose what organisms die or survive
Remains of an organism used to determine the age of the rock layer it is found in
The ______ layers are on the top
The ________ layers are on the bottom
Type of rock formed by heat and pressure
Arranging rock layers in order from oldest to youngest
Change over time
This mass extinction wiped out the dinosaurs.
When nature chooses what organisms die or survive
The Law of _____ ______ states anything that cuts through rock is younger than the rock is cuts
Type of rock where fossils are found
When a large percentage of Earth's species cease to exist in a relatively short period of time
The scientist who came up with the Theory of Evolution
The amount of time it takes for half of a radioactive material to decay
Type of rock formed when magma or lava cools