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Civil War Vocabulary Quiz

Name: ___________________________________
Shutting off an area to keep people and supplies from moving in or out.
Having loyalty toward a section or part of a country.
A system requiring men to join the military if needed.
Secret routes that help slaves escape to freedom.
The states between the Union and the Confederacy that were unsure about what side to be on.
A large farm where crops were grown and harvested by slaves.
To break away.
The murder of a political leader.
When a country goes to war with itself.
Laws created to control a slave's behavior.
A set of ideas that each side of a war uses to help them win.
A person who wanted to get rid of slavery.
A war strategy where one side seeks not to just destroy the army they are fighting, but to destroy their will to want to fight.
Taxes paid on goods being bought from other countries.