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U of Alabama

Nickname of the baseball stadium
The main Student Center
Opponent in the Iron Bowl
The band is worth how many bucks
The Irish - We beat them to win a national championship in football
On campus newsletter
This Derrick won the Heisman
He was the Snake and He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame
This store sells books on campus
This event brings back lots of alumni annually
This coliseum hosts basketball
This sport is played at Rhoads Stadium
He is Simpson or a famous Alabama football player
You can ring it or the last name of the current UA President
Tailgating happens on this famous track of land
Last Name of Current Head Football Coach
The Crimsonettes twirls this
Famous spot on the Quad that is elevated
The name of the mascot
It rings on the hour
He played for the NY JETS and Nicknamed Broadway Joe
Number of National Championships won by the Football team
City for the University of Alabama
It is a dorm and has 13 floors
Sororities have this each year before school starts
The head basketball coach's first name
All the bars are there and it is close to campus
This is a museum on campus Paul W ___Museum
Famous head coach and a type of animal