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Jefferson & the American Revolution

Jefferson studied ____ under a respected Virginia attorney.
Jefferson helped found the _______________ of Virginia.
John _____ died on the same day as Thomas Jefferson.
Thomas and Martha had 2 _________________who survived into adulthood.
The Declaration of _______________________ stated that all men are created equal.
Jefferson spent time studying and practicing the __________.
His ___________ died when he was only a teen.
Jefferson kept a ____________ about the weather, gardening, slaves and his animals.
Jefferson helped purchase the Louisiana _________________ from France.
In Jefferson's time, most people lived within 50 miles of the ___________ Ocean.
Jefferson supported religious _____________________.
Jefferson was known as a gifted _____________.
Jefferson was born on a ________________ in Virginia.
Jefferson had a keen interest in architecture and ____________.
Jefferson became our first ________________ of State.
Jefferson married _____________ Wayles Skelton.
Jefferson served as _______________ of Virginia from 1779-1781.