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Algebra I 8 _ 11 Crossword Puzzle

Lines with the same slope
The lowest value of the vertex, the y value
Equation with degree of two
Used to factor a polynomial with four terms
A number, letter or combination that is in all terms of the polynomial
A really small or large number compared to the rest of the data.
The average of all the data points.
Where the graph crosses the y intercept
The highest point of the vertex, the y value
Middle number of data when in order from least to greatest.
Median of the lower half of data.
The line that cuts a quadratic into two equal parts
Lines with negative reciprocal slopes
The 3rd quartile minus the 1st quartile
The name given to the graph of a quadratic equation.
Median of the upper half of data.
The number that appears the most
The x values of the function
Two terms
Another name for Box and whisker plot
A quadratic written in the form of y=(x-h)^2 +k.
Three terms
The y values of the function