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Science General

Energy type that is the combined Kinetic and Potential of an object.
I make food from light
Any living thing that maintains various life processes
Heat and pressure changed me
Energy type measured with thermometer
When I eat, I turn organic matter back into soil.
As a force, I am always contrary
How much space do I use
The place where I normally live
Controlled procedure using all of the Scientific Method
2 or more substances dissolved together
I'll eat just about anything that is edible.
As a MATTER of fact, I can't change my volume but I can change my shape
How much matter is in the matter
Webbed feet, sharp teeth, warm fur are examples of
When light passes through 2 different mediums this happens.
Breaking rock into soil, sand and other materials.
Rocks, sand, soil moved to a new location.
As MATTER of fact, I can fill up a room
A rock once liquid now frozen